How strong you really are?  

For years I used to do weight training. I felt strong and I looked big. One day I was challenged by one of my friends to do a back lever, and miserably I couldn't even get myself in the right position. Really? I did not have the strength for that?

Few years later, fascinated by the notion of functional strength I joined CrossFit and ended with a nasty shoulder injury. I still love Crossfit but I needed to find a way to train with my injury while still gaining strength. That was the time when I truly discovered calisthenics - a lost art of the most effective, natural strength training on earth which is just using bodyweight. 

Inhuman, natural strength gains? There is a road to that.

I am sure you have seen it around (if not, go look it up). Those crazy guys and girls doing human flags, planches, one arm pushups and pullups. Who have not only an incredible strength but also, balance, flexibility and natural and extreme body control ability. 

I was stoked. And being a fitness freak I wanted so badly to be able to do so. I consumed all there was on bodyweight training. I studied infamous Convict Conditioning, followed gymnasts, decomposed the technique from fellow athletes on youtube and knowledge from the best of the best. I trained, experimented, troubleshoot. 

Calisthenics is using progressive resistance, just like weight training, but instead of adding weight, you add difficulty levels across range of motion, skill, position etc. Because it uses only natural movements it does not only protects and strengthen your joints, but also conditions your body into amazing strength gains and natural fat loss. 

 Advantages of calisthenics I experienced were incredible,  but all the more it was a sustainable, natural training not a one months fitness fad.  I never looked back.

Not sure how to get started? NO more confusion! 

And although I was making progress it took me years to get to the point where stunts like human flag, planche, one arm pushup or pullups were not impossible any more. I was making mistakes, I didn't have enough knowledge, there was nobody to guide me on how to trouble shoot, how to create a program. So I experimented.

I saw on my own skin how well structured progressive calisthenics can give you insane strength gains, muscle and fat loss while still protecting your joins and conditioning your body. All naturally. I didn’t need a gym,I Didn’t need a barbell, I don't need a box. There was just ,me, my body and a bar.
Progressive Calisthenics is straightforward in its principles, yet every day I get emails from all of you asking me how to get started. For years I have been teaching and perfecting the art of bodyweight strength training and although there is so much information out there its extremely confusing and unhelpful for somebody who has no previous experience with bodyweight strength training.  

I am giving you a proven step by step blueprint for inhuman strength (the book)

What you will see in this book are years of perfecting a form, trying different things, experimenting, adding, subtracting. All to develop a system and a knowledge base which would enable anybody to tap into the power of progressive calisthenics.


This book will not only give you tools to achieve your goals but will teach you a philosophy on how to think about progressive calisthenics and how to make it work for you. I will teach you the reasons behind movements, reps sets, so as you progress you will outsmart the master and become your own.